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BlueMoon is unique as it is private and secluded where there is minimal if any contact with others. It is fully furnished for those who may not have their own camping equipment. Included is a picnic table, fire pit, 12' x 15' Coleman tent, 12'x12' canopy/ shelter, 1 full size memory foam bed & 1 twin air mattresses, large tree hammock, indoor camp kitchen w/Colman tabletop grill, propane, sink w/5 gallons water, pots, pans, cooking utensils, cooler w/ice packs that last up 2 3 days, indoor flushing camp toilet, and a 5 gallon solar outdoor shower .


Scenic View

   Mountain view




  toilet paper



Full size air mattress


Pets allowed

Assistance animals always allowed

Long term stays allowed

Allow stay for 28 days

Self check-in


Cleaning available during stay








Large field for outdoor activities



Home safety

Security camera@ entrance

Fire extinguisher

First aid kit



Verizon excellent reception

Outdoor space

Large, private grassy area

Fire pit

Outdoor furniture


Outdoor dining area

BBQ grate

Private parking on site


cooking/food prep area in building

adjacent to fire pit

Large coleman cooler

5 gallon water container

Cooking basics

Pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper

French press

Barbecue utensils

Coleman Grill

cooking grate in firepit

picnic table


Location features

Private driveway and access road

12'x12' canopy



Heating and cooling

Buddy heater




Additional rules

4 over night guests maximum allowed at any given time.

Extra guests: ALL other guests must be approved PRIOR to stay. Approved guests must register and provide ID. No exception to this rule


Use of trails: We do not allow vehicles other than e-bikes on trails (vehicles allowed on cabin entrance roads only). When hiking or biking, please use detailed trail map & stay on marked trails taking care not to enter adjacent, posted properties. Please do not enter "private" areas or other sites marked on the trail map. Please respect other hikers. If you bring a dog make sure the dog is on a leash when hiking on common trails.


Wood stove & camp fire wood: If you plan on using the wood stove, firewood & kindling is available for purchase. There is a $20.00 charge for 2 days worth of seasoned hardwood. Campfire wood is $10.00/2 cubic ft. prices include kindling, delivery & stacking. We must be notified in advance and paid in full prior to your stay.


Campfires: Fires must stay within the perimeter of fire ring. No burn policy enforced when town declares one. Fire must be extinguished prior to retiring. Guest can gather kindling only. No cutting any standing or downed trees permitted Illegal drug use:


Sadly, as you are aware, our nation is experiencing one of the worst drug epidemics in history. In order to support the health & well being of all of our patrons and of this community there IS TO BE NO USE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS on this property. If evidence of illegal drug use is found during or following your stay the authorities will be notified for further investigation.


Garbage: Garbage attracts wild life. Please keep all garbage in provided steel can on the deck.


Dogs: We are dog friendly with exceptions & conditions. There is a $35.00 charge for dogs. We accept only non aggressive breeds which do not chew or have incontinence problems. License & shots required. No pets allowed on furniture or beds. Guests must bring their own dog beds. Guest will be held liable for any and all damages incurred from dog. Where applicable, a surcharge will be added for excessive cleaning and damages. Due to the wildlife and other guests using shared, common trails we require that dogs to be supervised while outdoors and using the trails.


No smoking allowed on the property No hunting, fishing, trapping or foraging, target shooting, discharge of fireworks or firearms, bows etc. No vehicles allowed past the parking areas. Quiet time is after 11:00pm



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